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Worldcrunch Story Lab is Europe's premium English-first content solution. Headquartered in Paris, our global network of digital storytellers and strategists help find your angle, discover your audience, expand your influence.

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Your Content vs Your Competitor's Everyone's Content

We’re a media, and can help you think and act like one too. Start with the 3Cs: Clarity, Creativity, Credibility.

Why English First Matters

We’re your ticket straight into the language of Shakespeare — and Steve Jobs. But rest easy, we speak your language too!

Your Audience is Everywhere, Everybody Somewhere, Somebody

The digital information age is about finding the forest and the trees. We help identify your targets, choose the right channels, build new influence.

Think Of Your Content As Strategy

You've got their attention. Now what?

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Worldcrunch Story Lab helps you build, deploy and fine tune your content strategy, production and distribution.

Our Clients

BPI France
Francaise des Jeux
Air Liquide

Our Story

An innovative digital media. Boutique editorial services tailored to your audience.

We are a media …

Founded in 2011 by an American foreign correspondent and a French digital businesswoman, Worldcrunch is an innovative digital media that brings the best international journalism to English readers for the first time.

Our unique network of production and licensing services includes international partnerships with Die Welt, The New York Times, Kommersant and El Espectador, as well as original stories on a range of global topics across a dynamic array of digital formats.

… and an agency.

Since 2016, we’ve been applying our editorial and digital savoir-faire — and unrivaled language resources — to deliver tailor-made premium content for targeted audiences.

Our journalistic approach offers a powerful tool for clients to reinforce their messages and connect with new audiences, and responds to today’s demands for transparency and reactivity.

The digital age poses unprecedented challenges, but it is also an opportunity for the communication industry to discover and deliver a new sense of purpose.

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