The internet allows anyone to be a media. What kind of media will you be?

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If a digital footprint lasts forever, the quality of your content is a non-negotiable.

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Getting their attention is about “eyeballs.” But keeping it is about hearts & minds.

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Editorial Strategy

There are no shortcuts or silver bullets. Though the digital revolution moves at lightning speed, succeeding in it requires sharp ideas, sound judgment and eternal foresight. For Story Lab, that starts with keeping our eyes and ears open — to our clients, and to the world. We help identify with maximum precision the objectives and outputs (and even limits!) of every mission: from messaging and audience positioning to formats, tone and timing.

  • > Communication plan
  • > Editorial plan
  • > Brand positioning
  • > Website audit
  • > Audience targeting
  • > Etc.
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Content Creation

Everything from selling a product to stating your sense of purpose is done better when you have a story to tell. The journalistic experience of our team allows us to find the angles and set the tone for every piece of content we produce: from your next tweet to a video mashup to the white paper that defines your mission.

Writing Services

We are English-first ... and we speak your language. The benefits of our native English newsroom are as much a matter of spirit as spelling and vocabulary. It is a commitment to address the world directly in the global language, and a bridge to all the others. With the clarity and creativity that English allows, we can help give a new, stronger voice to your key messages and expand influence as far as words can travel.

  • > Brand messages
  • > Op-eds, tribunes
  • > Social media posts (LinkedIn posts, tweets, etc.)
  • > Articles
  • > White papers
  • > Etc.

Photo & Video

Using state-of-the-art production and storytelling techniques, we help you tell your stories through immersive, dynamic and cost-efficient videos.

  • > OneShot: transforming single fixed images into video stories
  • > Videos: to engage and inform, in a clear and dynamic format
  • > Motion design: to explain and inspire, on simple themes or complex topics
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Distribution Intelligence

Whether its establishing influence across social networks or reaching the print and digital pages of top media outlets, we help get your most relevant stories and important messages where they’ll be seen and heard. We help you weigh ROI across every available channel for every piece of content of any kind of format.

  • > Social media targeting
  • > Community management
  • > Website SEO
  • > PR management
  • > Newsletters
  • > Social media Ads campaigns
  • > Media Ads campaigns
  • > Etc.
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