There are no shortcuts or silver bullets. Though the digital revolution moves at lightning speed, succeeding in it requires sharp ideas, sound judgment and eternal foresight. For Story Lab, that starts with keeping our eyes and ears open — to our clients, and to the world. We help identify with maximum precision the objectives and outputs (and even limits!) of every mission: from messaging and audience positioning to formats, tone and timing.

The internet allows anyone to be a media. What kind of media will you be?



Being English-first is as much a matter of spirit as spelling and vocabulary. It is a commitment to address the world directly in the global language, and a bridge to all the others. Crisp English content not only reaches 1.5 billion people, but the language itself is one of clarity and creativity. Done well, it can give a new, stronger voice to your key messages and expand influence as far as words can travel.

If a digital footprint lasts forever, the quality of your content is a non-negotiable.



Whether its establishing influence across social networks or reaching the print and digital pages of top media outlets, we help get your most relevant stories and important messages where they’ll be seen and heard. We help you weigh ROI across every available channel for every piece of content of any kind of format.

Getting their attention is about “eyeballs.” But keeping it is about hearts & minds.

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